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Program Overview

Countless reports from national and provincial governments and public health agencies have documented the relentless rise in chronic diseases related to lifestyle behaviors. We are seeing a steady increase in obesity, not only in adults, but also an alarming three-fold increase in obesity among children over the past twenty-five years. The driving causes of this trend in chronic illness include: tobacco use; decreased physical activity and fitness; poor eating habits; changing leisure activity patterns, especially among children; stress and depression, which have recently been identified as a proximal cause of unhealthy lifestyles.

Achieving a reduction in the prevalence of chronic illness through strategies that will change lifestyle behaviors has become a national priority. Although much research has been done to identify models and strategies that can achieve this goal, there is a need to transfer this knowledge through relevant mediums of communication.

Youth Summer Online Engagement (YSOE) was formed as an informative and interactive experience aimed at youth aged 12 to 16. By addressing health issues early, it creates building blocks to make healthier choices throughout life. Recognizing the benefits to expand on other essential topics (determinants of health), YSOE will integrate environmental sustainability and financial literacy into the program.

YSOE will allow youth to manage the pace of their learning over the summer; the system will remember where they left off. Quizzes, fun projects, and at home assignments facilitate the curriculum and highlights include celebrity narration and winning prizes. Other incentives such as graduation credits and a certificate by the Premier will help encourage youth to complete the learning.

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